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Operation Principle

Perfect application of Mechanics, Anastomosis, Circular Cutting and Automatic Suturing in Circumcision.

Surgical Methods Comparison


Seven models available from newborn to adult

Surgical Procedure



Prepuce Redundant


Penile Dysplasia

Acute Balanoposthitis, Urethritis, Balanitis

Coagulation Dysfunction

Secondary Phimosis or the Foreskin Cannot be Separated from the Glans

Suspicious Malignant Tumor of Prepuce


How to deal with postoperative bleeding?

A small amount of bleeding is normal and does not need treatment; if the bleeding continues, patient should return to hospital for treatment immediately.

How to deal with postoperative edema?

Postoperative edema is a normal phenomenon. If there is no progressive aggravation of edema and hematoma, there is no need to deal with it, and it will be naturally absorbed and cured in a few days. Don’t let the glans rub the pants to prevent edema.

How to deal with the wound fluids on the surface of glans?

The wound fluid was mostly seen in patients with phimosis or prepuce adhesions. There was exudation of yellow and white color secretion on the glans after surgery, which was a normal phenomenon, so it was not necessary to worry. Use cotton swab dipped in erythromycin ointment to wipe off the secretion, do not forcibly peel off the scab, keep dry and clean until it falls off naturally.

How many days can have a bath after surgery?

Do not bathe within 3 days after surgery. Wrap the penis with fresh-keeping film or condom when taking a bath after removing the bandage. Try not to wet or contaminate the wound. If the wound is wet, dry it with cotton swab or hair dryer and disinfect it with Betadine.

Academic Advantage

The Jurnal of Urology

Clincal Investigation of a Novel Surgical Device for Circumcision

Circular cutter with stapled anastomosis for circumcision is a 1-step device that achieve excellent postoperative results with minimal procedural time. It has the potential to perfirmance of circumcision as a repid bed turnover procedure.


Modified Circumcision Using the Disposable Circumcision Suture Device in Children: A Randomized Controlled Trial

To evaluate and compare the surgical outcomes and complications of the modified circumcision using disposable circumcision suture device (device group) and the conventional dorsal slit cir- cumcision (conventional group) in children.

Arch Ital Urol Androl

Preputial circumcision performed with a new mechanical stapling tool.

CircCurer with it advanteges of simple and easier manipulation, shorter operation time, fewer complications, better cosmetic results, could be considered a useful tool to carry out a rapid, aesthetic, effective and safe circumcision.

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Disposable circumcision suture devices versus Shang ring circumcision for management of redundant prepuce or phimosis: A systematic review
and meta-analysis.

Based on the results of our meta-analysis, DCSD is more effective and safer than SRC. Thus, it has the advantages of shorter operation time, lower pain scores, better postop- erative penile appearance, fewer complication and shorter wound healing time.

Asian Journal od Andrology

Disposable circumcision suture device: clinical effect and patient satisfaction.

The health and satisfaction survey shows that patients undergoing surgery with the DCSD experienced reduced intra-operative and post- operative pain.

Medical Science Monitor

Safety and efficacy of a novel disposable circumcision device: A pilot randomized controlled clinical trial at 2 centers.

This novel disposable circumcision device produced satisfactory preliminary adult MC results compared with CDT treatments. This device may be broadly used in men, such as those with phimosis, who are ineligible for CDT.


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